The TOP List

The TOP List

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Travelling everywhere and being a blogger allow me to explore the world’s multiple faces, discover and try to understand different cultures, lifestyles, traditions and stories. In the last few years I have been asked many times why I was always planning a new trip around the world. Do you know a good reason to travel? There is not only one reason why you should travel. A journey is a top life experience. Take a look my Backpacking Southeast Asia for 110 days post and also this video clip that me and my wife have created.

Anyway, here 3 of my best reasons:

1- Explore distinct landscapes, nature and wildlife!

The world is changing and what we can see today we will probably not be able to see tomorrow! Do not waste your time, TRAVEL!!!


2- Find unique cultures and meet local people!

While travelling everything enriches our experience!! On every single trip we improve the way we interact with new communities of people. 


3- When I travel I feel free

 We can prove to ourselves that if we want to do something, we can do it!

I want to focus my attention many TOP list I have created during my travel around the world. Enjoy these TOP destinations.