Sleeping on a plane? Why not!

Sleeping on a plane? Why not!

We travel a lot and there is something to know that should help you arrived refreshed to the destination. I will write what i usually do to try some sleep during the flight.

  • 1) First at all, in a place I always travel in economy class, so I’ve never slept “on a bed” in business class, or better still, first class. What’s my best seat? The window seat of an exit row, as long as there isn’t an emergency. You won’t be disturbed when your seat-mates get up, you can rest your head on the window, and with the extra legroom you can use your carry-on as a footrest. Anyway, recent research by easyJet revealed that the most in demand-seat on a plane is on 7F,  near the front of the plane – presumably for the perceived ease of disembarkation.

Sleeping plane

Sleeping plane. 

  • 2) What do you think if you travel with the sun in your eyes? I have trouble falling asleep in this way, for this reason a travel with sleep mask is one of my key travel accessories. This one plus a pillow?! Should bring your own pillow is a perfect combination, anyway i have never used it. Anyway I don’t want to be interrupted my sleep. So:

  • No Mood to chat: Muttering your self in an obscure foreign language and plug in in headphones

  • Buckle your seat belt over your blanket or sweater, not under it. That way, the flight attendant can see that you’re buckled up and won’t bug you if there’s turbulence. And before you close your eyes, take care of the basics: Have a snack and some water (bring your own if you don’t want to wait for meal service), and visit the restroom. Sleeping plane

Sleeping plane

We love beer…everywhere! Sleeping plane

  • 3) Drinking before a flight? Yes, i have done, was an international flight from Rome to Colombo (Sri Lanka). “Drank quite” an amount then got the plane, was a really good strategy and helped me to sleep. I said “drank quite” not drunk excessively, in this case your flight would be horrible.

The real challenge comes when you reach your destination. It may take several days to adjust to a new time zone.  Short acting sleeping pills can then be used for a limited time, to help initiate sleep at a sensible local time when are not feeling sleepy, and to help you get back to sleep when you wake during the middle of the “night”. So, after that….have a good flight!!!

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