Explore Kayangan: The Cleanest Lake In Asia

Explore Kayangan: The Cleanest Lake In Asia

Location: Philippines

Kayangan lake is located in Coron Island, North Of Palawan.

My Experience

The journey itself to Kayangan lake by boat from the mainland was already breathtaking. You start walking and finish climbing a set of steep steps. That was a trip to paradise. The hike wasn’t a joke because the rocky steps were slippery but after that you can really enjoy an amazing view up there. Coron Island’s karst formations towering out of aquamarine waters were outstanding.

Kayangan lake -coron

One of the best view just before Kayangan Lake



Welcome to Kayangan Lake

Finally after 10 minutes we arrived to the freshwater lake and the landscape was definitely breathtaking. According to its people this lake is supposed to be among the cleanest ones in Asia, made of 70% fresh water and 30% salt water. The scenery is surrounded by rocky mountains covered by green trees and plants. If you’re expecting paradise, then you will not be disappointed, this is a paradise on Earth.

Kayangan lake -coron

Enjoying our time just after light lunch. Kayangan Lake. 

Make sure to bring snorkelling gear because the calm cool water is an underwater alien planet landscape. This place got my vote like one of the best I’ve ever seen, the lake is separated from the sea water around it by its surrounding islands, thus creating a unique environment.

How to get there, best time and cost

Choose the best Coron Island tour and you will see Kayangan Lake and some other beautiful places, everything on the same day. Philippines is great from February to May and this time should be the best to visit the lake. Me and Romina went there in March, the weather was perfect. A very affordable island hopping package offers the 6-in-one tour where you will visit six destinations, plus lunch, for about 700 pesos, an extra 200 pesos entrance fee. . Just make sure Kayangan Lake is part of the tour.

Kayangan lake -coron

What a colour.. wonderful!!


Kayangan lake -coron

You can have a relaxing swim too!


  • This place is a part of an island hopping tour.
  • Bring at least your snorkeling gear and wear anti-slip flip flops or rubber sandals.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera (Gopro for underwater pics) and capture your experience.
  • My last tip: Don’t get stuck with the thing that ruins your day, life is too short to be wasted in your crap. Smile and be positive because there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, one of those is travelling.


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