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Davide – Blogger uTravelShare

Hello guys and welcome to uTravelShare, my name is Davide and I’m Italian. I’d always loved to explore far away places and someday, planned to travel the world. But like always, it was a case of when and how. I did a lot, and now I am ready to write, to tell and to share the tips I’ve been learning, feelings and emotion of years of travelling.

My first trip was to Barcelona with friends when I was 18. Young, free, happy, it was an amazing and funny trip.

Around that age I had been in few cities around Europe including 7 months in Ireland, Cork, when I was 23. I studied Biology for 1 year, met great people where I kept contact until present time. I had a chance to travel only a little around Ireland, that experience opened my min. I started to think more and more about travels, and not just in Europe but all around the world. 

Davide blogger utravelshare

My trip to Banaue Rice Terrace, Philippines. Davide blogger utravelshare

For the next few years I didn’t really travel much because I worked full-time job in my city. We jump up to the summer 2013 when I lost my full-time job and I started to work in a Restaurant, the same place where I am still working. At the start it was just during summer time, exactly from May to October. After that summer I decided, it was time to travel properly around the world.

My dreams, everything I had been thinking in the past years, all the places I had just seen in photo, all of that…. was becoming real.

That summer was followed by an intense year in Australia, but 1 month before entering Australia I travelled around Thailand with my friend Alessando. After an amazing experience in Australia I left this beautiful country with more than 23.000 $ AUD, I made a big promise to myself: I will spent all that money travelling around the world. I did it and in January 2015 I started my wonderful experience of 110 days around Southeast Asia. 

I forgot to say one of the most important thing, my passion: Photography.

I’m just an amateur photographer and I started few years ago. I take pictures that capture the inner beauty and help to show the others how lovely and beautiful is that place, landscape or person. Even though I think there is no picture that can explain what we felt in that moment. For a travel blogger is really important to be an amateur photographer, one of the best way to record all your trips.

We know and we agree on the fact that travel is one the most beautiful things in our life, but how do you travel? What does it mean to you travelling?!?!? Read the post below!


Davide blogger utravelshare

Ancient City of Hoi An (Vietnam). Davide blogger utravelshare


davide blogger utravelshare

Relaxing at Puerto Ayora with my new friend, the Galapagos Sea Lion

Travelling everywhere and be a blogger allowed me to go in the world of the other, to understand their culture, history, lifestyle and traditions. When i travel i feel free.

After my experience in South-east Asia I went back home (May 2015), Italy and exactly Alghero (Sardinia). I love my home, enjoying the time with friends, family and girlfriend. I worked during that summer and my passion to travel and to be a blogger didn’t end, for this reason me and my future wife Romina took a great decision: Big journey around South America for the next 6 months! We did it, from November to April, 7 countries + Galapagos Islands + Easter Island!!

I am still writing posts about this trip; Just keep following me around the world on this post! Travel is Living The Life.

uTravelShare was born during those months by my friend’s idea (find out more about Stefano…).

This a public travel group that I’ve created to share all your beautiful pictures on Flickr, take a look…


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