What About Us?!?!

What About Us?!?!

Welcome to uTravelShare and thanks for stopping by.

Have you guys ever heard “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”, well…we think the same, but why? Who do we love travel around the world? Here some our reason, we found after or during our travelling around the world.

The most important one is that Travel and be a blogger broadens our mind, we look the world to understand all the things, small and big, beauty and not. Everything we do travelling is just around that means, so why? Travelling allows you to go in the world of the other, to understand (or try to do that) their culture, history, lifestyle and traditions.

When and why we worked for this travel Blog?

uTravelshare was born in 2015 and is a way to catalog our experiences and share our shots and tips with all the world, but sharing is caring that's why we'd like that you guys share your personal experience with us. This is very important and the first goal of this Blog.

2 friends and blogger with the same passion: travel and share their amazing experience around the world! Davide travels principally with Romina, Stefano by himself! When we travel we feel free and happy. We feel free because it’s a challenge how to learn adapting in another place. Sometimes we feel alone and we look at the positive aspect, we talk with our-self. We grow as a person. Travelling teaches us how to communicate with the people with different cultures and traditions. Travelling allows you to make new friends.Travelling tells us a new story everyday, every moment is different from another. People need to listen new and beautiful stories, so, we will tell you our story sharing feeling and emotions of years of travelling around the world!

Travelling is sharing….that’s why, uTravelShare!

 The Authors

Davide Fancellu

I’d like to share with you tips I’ve been learning,  feeling and emotions from years of travelling…read more about me!

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Stefano Mura

I’m Stefano Mura, Italian, exactly I come from Alghero, a beautiful city in Sardinia and personally one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen traveling around…read more about me!

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